The Todd and Erin Story

Todd and Erin’s E.P. “Save it for the Remix” will be dropping on iTunes, Amazon, and more on August 6th.

Reflections from Erin:

Our timeline is moving fast as we have only known each other a little over a month– though it seems like a lot longer. Todd and I met as I was at dinner in Santa Barbara, my plans had fallen through to go see a show at Soho so I decided to stay where I was– hearing that there was going to be live music that night.  Then– two guys walked in with their gear and guitars and I physically turned to my good friend Kirsten –pointing and saying– “I bet he is really good, there’s just that something about him.”  I don’t know why I felt that way– I had never heard him play before, but something was pulling.  Curiously I watched and I had a strong feeling that I needed to introduce myself, or make some sort of effort to meet him.  The most I knew was that this guy played guitar–that was it!  So I wrote down my website, phone number and note on the back of a receipt, walked up and dropped it in the tip jar along with a stingy $1 tip.  After watching them for a little while longer, Kirsten and I left not thinking anything would come out of it.  Well– A few hours later I received a text from Todd.  We had coffee, he learned some of my songs and a few days later Todd played House of Blues with me.  After the HOB show, we decided to give writing together a try–so we sat down and wrote our first song called “White Lies” — then made our plans, our goals, wrote more songs–and now we have a 5 song E.P called “Save it for the Remix” coming out on August 6th!  Todd does more than just play guitar– he’s one of the hardest working people I have ever met– Incredible producer, piano player, singer, songwriter, drummer, engineer and just an all around good person.  Do you know how hard it is to find musicians that are motivated with all of those attributes?

I’m so thrilled to be putting this EP out with Todd.  We have created music that we both are excited about and strongly believe in –and we hope that our songs will get stuck in your head!

Now that you know a little bit about our story, we hope you enjoy “Save it for the Remix” available on iTunes, Amazon and more August 6th, 2013

Always Smiles – Erin Nicole Smith

Todd Dakin

Todd Dakin

Todd Dakin is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer from Sacramento, California.  He has produced and played on many projects ranging in genre from easy-listening to metal (or “not-so-easy-listening”).  His passion is for creating pop music that is transformative in the way such music was for him.  Some of his influences include Huey Lewis and the News, Queen, The Cars, and The Beach Boys.  He also thinks Dr. Luke is pretty okay.  Todd and Erin have partnered to write and produce their EP “Save it for the Remix” which will drop on August 6, 2013.

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